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Waist: 29"

Length: 12 1/2" - 21 1/2" (shorter side of skirt) 14 1/2"- 27" (longer side of skirt)

*Shorter petticoat is recomended for this skirt



White: Milk (pure white)

*White and off white colors differ depending on the style of lolita the wearer is striving to achieve. That being said, we place "Milk" if the white color for the trim on the dress is truly purely white and not beige/cream/other off white color. However, if the color happens to be a beige/cream/other off white color instead, we will place "Milk Tea" for your reference. 



Outer Fabric: Polyester (100%)

Inner Fabric (second layer underneath: Polyester (100%)

Lining: Cotton (100%)


*Product includes one skirt


Fairy in the Moon Garden Skirt Style 2

  • This lolita skirt is in an asymetrical style, almost resembling leaves or petals and feels much like a skirt a fairy would wear through a moonlit garden. 

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