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To ensure a longer lifespan of your lolita garments, it is recommended that you use on your clothes, a gentle detergent meant for delicate fabrics, as well as using a delicate washing cycle when washing your clothes (as this is usually recommended on fancier clothes-like lolita style clothes). It's strongly advised that you do not throw your lolita pieces in the dryer (especially ones with prints as this can fade the print overtime) but rather, hang them up to dry, and also to place your garments in a garment bag while washing. For any stained garments, it's recommend as well, a gentle stain remover. 

Recommended Steps to Take While Washing:

Step 1: Turn Garment inside-out (this will protect any pearls/buttons/other embellishments on the garment as it's spinning around in the washer) and place in a garment bag.

Step 2: After placing the garment in a garment bag, put the garment in the washer and use your preferred laundry detergent of your choice (it's recommended that you use a gentle detergent meant for delicate fabrics).

Step 3: Wash garment on delicate washing cycle in cold water. 


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